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v    Introduction
FDIS is a nongovernmental organization in Jordan; its centre is in Jerash in a middle aria between the capital Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Ajloun and Almafraq. Its start was with National AIDS Program in JORDAN on HIV issues especially: limitation of stigma and discrimination, public awareness, outreach programs to most at risk populations: MSM and FSWs. FDIS became a member in the Country Coordinating Mechanisms CCM in Jordan in 2009 up to date.
Through a positive opportunity FDIS knew Middle East and South Africa Harm Reduction Association MENAHRA in 2009 which gave many invaluable capacity building opportunities for FDIS in many important areas.
v    Vision and Mission
 FDIS developed its strategies and formed its vision and mission as follows:
Vision:  Towards a resilient and life skilled generation to lead sustainable development.
Mission: We help the vulnerable and marginalized population sectors to build healthy societies capable of creating sustainable development in a safe environment.
v     Objectives of the society:
1-Provide quality interventions in the field of health, including training, awareness and harm reduction of drug use, such as blood-borne diseases.
2- Capacity building of marginalized and vulnerable groups so as to enhance their internal resiliency and develop their life skills to enable them to play an active role and positive impact on sustainable development and emphasize their rights and duties.

v    Programs:
Friends of Development and Investment Society – FDIS implemented many programs and conducted many projects as following:
1-       An outreach program to injection drug users included the first needle distribution program in Jordan; it was conducted from July 2012 to August 2013 and funded by MENAHRA. The program included the following :
1-      A training course for twenty field workers about outreach ​​skills to IDUs in the street.
2-      20 field workers began outreach tours in four governorates: Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Jerash for eight months (from November 2012 to June 2013). performed the following:
A-    Awareness and education about harms of drugs and ways to reduce risks.
B-     Supplying with syringes. (47400 syringes were distributed).
C-     Filling in surveys which was analysed at the end of the project. The results were announced and presented in MENAHRA's regional conference 2013 in Beirut.
D-    Condom distribution and teaching the correct way to use it.( 5184 condom were distributed).
E-    Exploring readiness for abstinence and referring to rehabilitation centres.
F-     Distributing educational leaflets about the harms of drugs and how to reduce them.
G-    Stimulating the targeted to visit VCT centres.
248 IDUs in four governorates in Jordan through 8 months.
2-      An outreach program to injection drug users included needle distribution program in Jordan, this program was conducted from September 2013 to January 2014 and funded by MENAHRA. FDIS conducted another training course to strengthen the social workers and added Almafraq governorate to extend the geographical areas.
  24127 syringes and 2463 condom were distributed to 116 IDUs in five governorates in Jordan through 4 months.
FDIS participated in many workshops and training courses which was conducted in Beirut by MENAHRA and SIDC.
3-       Reduction of stigma and discrimination against people live with HIV a training course for local leaders and government leaders funded by National AIDS program in Jordan from 10/5/2008 to 14/5/2008.
4-       Reduction of stigma and discrimination against people live with HIV, a media campaign for the local society in Jerash from 12/3/2009 to 16/4/2009.
5-      reduction of stigma and discrimination against people live with HIV a training course for local society leaders and government leaders 29/5/2010 and 5/6/2010
6-      Reduction of stigma and discrimination against people live with HIV a training course for local society leaders and government leaders from 30/5/2010 to 2/6/2010.
7-       Awareness outreach program to most population at risk groups to be infected with HIV (Men who have sex with men and female sex workers) from 8/5/2011 to 21/6/2011.
8-      Outreach skills to most population at risk groups to be infected with HIV a training course for FDIS's members from 31/3/2012 to 5/4/2012.
9-      Launching THE RESILIENCY AND LIFE SKILLS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (RLIS)" This project is a part of the vision of the society to create a resilient and life skilled generation that has the ability to lead the sustainable development depending on the principles of effective prevention, we started the school's activities with a workshop two days for marginalized and vulnerable children in Princess Basma Scout Camp, Dibbeen- Jerash. The project is searching for fund to extend its activities to national and regional level. A documentation videos for the school activities published on FDIS's channel on you tube :
      10- FDIS now implementing an outreach program to injection drug users funded by Middle East and South Africa Harm Reduction Association MENAHRA and Global fund , the program started in April 2014 and will be ended in December 2015.
And many other participations in national, regional, and international events like The International Harm Reduction Conference which took place in Liverpool 2010, and The Regional harm Reduction conference which took place in Beirut 2013. 

President of Friends of Development and Investment Society – FDIS

Ali Taha Alnobani                                      


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